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Smart UV Toothbrush Sterilizer (Buy 1 Take 1)

1,700.00 1,399.00

  BUY 1 TAKE 1!   Extended until March 31!

3-in-1: Toothbrush UV Sterilizer, toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser all in one smart device!

Other powerful features:
✔️ Automatic on-and-off sensor
✔️ Solar charging





Never worry again about your toothbrush being a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. EVER.

Thanks to the powerful features of our Smart UV Toothbrush Sterilizer:

✔️ UVC Sterilization, Kills 99.9% of Bacteria
✔️ Infrared Intelligent Sensor (Deactivates when you enter, Reactivates when you leave)
✔️ Also serves as toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser!
✔️ Wall mounted and easy to install with 3M adhesive, no screws and drilling needed!

uv toothbrush sterilizer

Why do we need UV for our toothbrushes? Is the traditional washing not enough?

Nope, washing your toothbrush won’t kill germs. It takes deep ultraviolet disinfection – because UVC destroys the DNA structure in the bacteria’s body before fully eliminating it. Hindi ito kaya ng basta tubig lang.

✅ Other Specifications You’ll Love:

✔️ Safe UV, Deactivates within 2-meter of contact
✔️ UV Lamp power at 1.2W, 265nm
✔️ Built-in Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
✔️ Charging Method: USB (Major) + Solar (Auxilliary)

⚠️ Buy 1 Take 1 ⚠️

YES! For every 1 unit you buy, take another 1 unit, FREE!
Promo is extended until March 31!
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

Our Guarantee

7 Days Replacement, 30 Days Limited Warranty


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